Supporting TSA

Supporting TSA

In Spring 2019, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) awarded RELI the TSA Program Management Support Services BPA. Our support includes:
  • Preparation of Acquisition Life Cycle Documentation, including: requirements engineering, cost (including both budgeting and estimating), planning, scheduling, and logistical documents.
  • Assisting with various reporting efforts, such as routine requests from programmatic data, Capital Planning and Investment (CPIC) reporting, and similar program metric reporting.
  • Preparing analysis and studies, including but not limited to Analysis of Alternatives.
  • Assisting with OAPM in the management of Acquisition Training Workshops and management of the acquisition workforce.
  • Providing general administrative services and technical editing support.

Program Management Support Services

Policy, Plans, and Engagement Office (PP&E)

RELI supports the Policy, Plans, and Engagement (PP&E) Aviation Division in discovering, gathering, developing, creating, reviewing, and publishing policies and providing them to all TSA stakeholders in a consistent and easy-to-use manner. RELI provides administrative and PMSS personnel with the skills to conduct comprehensive reviews and provide assistance to many parts of the TSA operational divisions.

National Explosives Detection Canine Team Program Office (NEDCTP)

RELI assists the TSA’s National Explosives Detection Canine Team Program (NEDCTP) Office in the coordination, development, and implementation of acquisition program management support, budget and finance support, capital planning and investment control support, and procurement support. RELI provides program management support for the TSA Canine Explosives Sections, which is responsible for the preparation and delivery of Canine Explosives Training Aids (CETA) to all federal canine teams and the program’s law enforcement participants.

Office of the Administrator, Strategy, Policy Coordination, & Innovation

RELI provides program management support for the TSA’s Office of the Administrator’s (ADM) Strategy, Policy Coordination, and Innovation’s (SP&I) Strategy and Plans Branch (S&P). The S&P maintains, coordinates updates, tracks the progress of, and provides periodic reports on the implementation of the National Strategy for Transportation Security (NSTS) and the modal security plans. RELI supports S&P in implementing the actions of the Transportation Security Systems Specific Plan (TSSSP), NSTS and supporting modal plans, related sector security management direction, or any approved amendments or updates to these documents.

Information Assurance & Cybersecurity Division (IAD) Program Office

RELI provides the TSA Information Assurance and Cybersecurity Division (IAD) Program Office with contractor program management support services in the areas of strategic planning, communication, acquisition program management, financial management and cost estimating, and knowledge management.

Information Technology Government and Industry Liaison (ITGIL)

RELI provides the Information Technology Government and Industry Liaison (ITGIL) Division with program management support in the general areas of strategic planning, financial planning, program documentation, and scheduling. RELI supports ITGIL through information technology strategic planning, systems solutions support, Business Process Reengineering (BPR), and Organization Change Management (OCM) services.

Customer Experience (CX)

Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

RELI assists TSA in defining their vision for customer and employee experience through the development of a Customer Ecosystem and Leadership Priorities Briefing. The briefing defines key customer groups and journeys and prioritizes what will be accomplished in the first year of the CX program. In the Future State Design phase, RELI supports TSA in exploring the current state experience, determining the needs that drive CX improvement for specific customer groups, and assists in designing the ideal future state. In parallel, RELI builds more a robust CX analytics framework and ensures that it aligns to key customer groups.