Clinical Quality Measurement & Health Informatics

Clinical Quality Measurement & Health Informatics

Analyzing healthcare data to improve quality of care

Our team provides actionable, data-driven insights to inform healthcare policy.

Working with a diverse team of experts, RELI Group’s Clinical Quality Measurement & Health Informatics Team makes recommendations at the intersection of advanced analytics and policy expertise. Our findings inform public use files, technical documents, clearance processes, publications and more, ultimately helping guide public health policy.

Our Services

What can the Clinical Quality Measurement & Health Informatics Team do for you?

Data Information Management

Services include ERWIM Data Catalog; Warehouse structure including relational, dimensional and NoSQL structures; cloud analytics including AWS, Hadoop and HFMS; mandates, processes and regulations; and data governance.

Data Monitoring & Validation

Services include sampling and analysis as well as access to data sources and systems.

Healthcare Data Standards

Services include CDA, HL7, FHIR and PDMP; measurement science and clinical informatics; and Clinical Quality Language (CQL), Quality Reporting Document Architecture (QRDA) and Health Quality Measure Format (HQMF).

Informatics & Business Intelligence

Services include ERWIN; analytic tools, data marts, data visualization, dynamic/interactive mapping, and dashboards; SAS, STATS, SPSS and R tools; and reporting.

Data Modeling

Services include ERWIN enterprise data modeling, architecture and data intelligence; fraud prevention modeling; and statistical modeling and validation.

Program Evaluation

Services include monitoring and evaluation technical assistance as well as dissemination of findings.


What separates us from the rest


Decades of experience in both the public health and policy sides of healthcare means we don’t just understand the data, but we know what to do with it.


Our staff includes PhDs, clinicians and legal experts as well as specialists certified in data science, public health, social work, privacy, project management and more.


Our nimble team can shift priorities at a moment’s notice and turn tasks around rapidly, meeting tight deadlines while still delivering excellent work.


We are excellent at supporting targeted, disease-specific areas as well as broad, high-level initiatives.


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