Health Services

Health Services

Medical Claims & Record Review

Successful performance in the collection of beneficiary healthcare data through medical record review, having processed over 50,000 medical record reviews for CMS. Our team successfully and efficiently assigns ICD-9-CM codes that map to CMSHCCs medical records in accordance with risk adjustment data validation policy and ICD-9-CM Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting.

Data Analytics & Policy Research

RELI experts and PhD level resources perform policy and program review, identify vulnerabilities and risks, develop algorithms for possible fraud models, and perform data analytics and report generation using SAS, STATA and R. We help our clients gather and analyze data to improve decision-making and performance across organizations. We use proven methods and industry-leading tools to collect and examine structured data, producing predictive models to inform the client where the organization is headed. Clients equipped with this knowledge can then make strategic decisions for every aspect of the organization. Our services include but are not limited to: predictive analytics and data mining, improper payment prevention and fraud detection, performance management and dashboards, business intelligence reporting, data profiling, and integration and quality services.

Public Health Research

RELI is uniquely positioned to close the gap between academic and Federal health research efforts, facilitating a more open exchange of best practices in the discovery and analysis of health information. We are proud to partner with Johns Hopkins, Penn State, and Morgan State Faculties to offer research services that address the root causes of today’s public health problems. In addition, we collaborate with a wide range of organizations from the communities that we serve. Our team of researchers conduct interdisciplinary research into the determinants of chronic disease and help develop community-based prevention strategies, multidisciplinary research into critical health policy, payment accuracy, and healthcare delivery issues.

Health Services Research

The main goals of health services research are to identify the most effective ways to organize, manage, finance, and deliver high-quality care; reduce medical errors; reduce improper payments; improve patient safety; and reduce inconsistency of the diagnosis coding practices. RELI Group’s consultants are experts in health services research, with interests organized around specific content areas. Our consultants are trained in health economics and health service research. Our expertise is in the development, management, and analysis of health services data with an emphasis on predictive modeling and risk-adjustment methods. Two fundamental approaches we have been using to develop risk adjustment model are the categorical model and. regression model. We specialize in risk adjustment methodology to perform estimates for Medicare payment accuracy rates and Medicare Part C and Part D payment data validation. Our consultants are certified SAS Programmer and PhD degree holders in their respective field of expertise.

Digital Content Management

We support the collection, management, and publishing of your digital content, including day-to-day website and social media updates and strategic content management projects, such as content migration and information architecture.

Digital Strategy Support

We use industry best practices, a deep understanding of the Digital Government Strategy, and a team of in-house Human Centered Design experts to ensure you connect your users to government information securely anywhere, anytime, on any device.