Supporting Veterans and Giving Back

Supporting Veterans and Giving Back

Supporting Veterans and Giving Back: A Culture Embodied by RELI

The Frogman Swim Event

At RELI, we don’t just talk about giving back; we embody. Encouraging our employees to support others and the veteran community is a fundamental aspect of our culture. Events like the Frogman Swim in Annapolis for the Navy SEAL Foundation demonstrates this dedication. As we celebrate Volunteer Month in April, it’s the perfect time to highlight the remarkable efforts of individuals like Mark Milleker, Vice President of Human Capital Management (HCM) at RELI Group, whose involvement in such events demonstrates our company’s values.

The Annapolis swim holds special significance, as it is located in a community where the Naval Academy’s influence looms large. Dave and Chris, the managers behind this project, turned the city’s local connection for the Navy into a meaningful cause. Their partnership with the Navy SEAL Association demonstrates the event’s dual purpose: raising funds for injured SEALs and their families while fostering a sense of camaraderie among participants.

Community Champion

Mark and his son Dane during the Frogman Swim

Mark Milleker represents the values of volunteering and being involved in the community. A lifelong athlete and avid open water swimmer, Mark’s involvement in the Annapolis swim goes beyond mere participation; it’s a reflection of his personal values and upbringing. Inspired by his father’s selflessness, his own love for the water, and his passion for giving back, Mark eagerly volunteered as an Observer for the event, with his son joining as a kayaker. During the event, Mark helped ensure that all swimmers were safe and doing well, as safety is a top priority.

Mark’s participation in events like the Frogman Swim not only supports RELI’s stance as a veteran-friendly employer, but also inspires other employees to engage in similar philanthropy efforts. Mark’s advice for others who want to get more involved in their community is to set a goal for yourself – his personal goal is volunteering at least three times a year.

Through leading by example and encouraging a culture of giving back year-round—not just during Volunteer Month—Mark helps to encourage a sense of purpose and fulfillment among his colleagues.

Bridging Military Experience to Careers at RELI

At RELI, HCM professionals like Mark play a crucial role in assisting veterans as they transition into civilian life. We recognize the unique skills and experiences that veterans bring to the table. Many of the agencies supported by RELI share similarities with the military, such as the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA), where security is a mission-critical area. This alignment makes veterans ideal candidates for various roles within RELI. Whether it’s expertise in technology, logistics, security or cybersecurity, veterans are well-equipped to excel in diverse fields within our company.

By leveraging the talents of veterans, RELI not only strengthens its workforce but also upholds its commitment to supporting those who have served their country – not to mention the fact that hiring veterans aligns with RELI’s values of diversity and inclusion, as veterans bring a wealth of perspectives and experiences to the workplace.

As RELI continues to champion initiatives that support veterans, the company remains dedicated to providing opportunities for veterans to thrive in their post-military careers.

RELI’s Culture of Giving Back

RELI is committed to fostering a culture of giving back and supporting initiatives that benefit the community and our veterans. As we look ahead, our focus remains on championing these causes and highlighting their importance within our company. This commitment is reflected by individuals throughout the company, who actively engage in volunteerism and support various community initiatives. Their dedication serves as inspiration for our employees, demonstrating the importance of giving back and making a positive impact.

At RELI, we believe in providing resources and support to enable our employees to volunteer and contribute to causes they care about. Whether it’s through flexible work arrangements or opportunities to participate in company-sponsored volunteer programs, we strive to create an environment where giving back is not only encouraged but celebrated. By continuing to promote these efforts of giving back, we ensure that our employees have the platform and support they need to make a difference in our communities.

Serving Together

Mark’s dedication to the Annapolis swim and his ongoing commitment to supporting veterans exemplifies the core values that define RELI. Through collective and individual contributions, we reaffirm our commitment to giving back, making a difference and honoring those who have served our country.

Events like the Frogman Swim require time, meticulous planning and dedicated volunteer efforts. It’s the collective involvement of the community and volunteers that makes events of this nature possible. Therefore, it is so important that we continue with our commitment to give back.

As Mark aptly puts it, “Do what works for you and don’t feel like you have to make these huge contributions in financial resources. So many organizations just need your time to come in and speak, support an event or do a run. There’s so many way to volunteer.”

Let’s continue to embody this spirit of service and community, both within RELI and beyond.